Thanksgiving Weekend

The holiday season in New York City is magical, it is romantic. As the snow fell, and Santa passed us during the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade I felt that magic. You always see the Macy's Parade on television of in movies like Miracle on 34th Street, but what no one tells you is how cold it is. No one tells you that as you walk back to Grand Central Station to take the train up to the suburbs for Thanksgiving dinner that your toes will be so numb from the cold that your walking speed is diminished by at least half. I'm here to tell you that happened, but I'm also here to tell you it is magical. The parade is just as wonderful as in the movies, the streets of New York dusted in snow are just as romantic (at least in the beginning before it turns to ugly slush which I haven't seen yet). Grand Central was crowded with young people leaving to go to Westchester or Connecticut for dinner. While the lines were endless, I loved feeling like I was part of the large group of people going to see their families. I actually went and had dinner with a very nice family who Barnard matched me up with through the Barnard Alumnae Thanksgiving thing, but still. I guess what I am saying is New York is what you make of it. A lot of people hate it, but I love some of the exact things other people despise.

Celebrities including Nick Jonas, Pentatonix, American Authors, Lucy Hale, and KISS came by. Above is Idina Menzel

The day after Thanksgiving I went to the Met to see the Christmas tree

The Lions MAINE

Over fall break, which at Columbia falls on election day weekend, the Columbia University College Democrats (Columbia is the Lions) take a trip somewhere to campaign. This year I decided to go. We headed up to the frigid and deserted state of Maine. I had been to the southern tip on a trip to New Hampshire freshman year of high school, but this was my first time in Portland. The city itself was quaint, but the snow was horrific. We campaigned for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mike Michaud. Unfortunately he lost, one of many making the 2014 election tragic. Though the trip was fun, it did make me realize how much I love New York. New York is home, and I was relieved to return.

Amy Poehler

I took too long to write this post, way too long. The day my mom left, back a month ago in October, I went to a book signing and met Amy Poehler. As she signed my book I blubbered something about how she should speak at my graduation from Barnard. She said commencements were hard, but Barnard is the best. It seems bringing book signing conversations back to Barnard always works, as it at least shows I am smart enough to get into the school. Anyway, I had already bought tickets to see Amy Poehler the next night at 92Y before I knew about the Union Square book signing, so I got to see her again the following night. Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler talked in a hilarious back and forth. Afterward I met them both, for Amy Poehler, again. The book is good: read it. I read it between acts of As You Like It for English and long readings of Marx for my Women's Studies class. I can honestly say I got more out of Yes Please than either of the before mentioned readings. Maybe that is a problem, but whatever.


My Mom's Visit

My mom came to visit for parent's weekend and it was fantastic. I've missed her so much and it was great being able to spend the weekend together. It all ended too quickly, though. We finally took the tram to Roosevelt Island.
 We saw First Aid Kit in concert. They were quite the show. Definitely not as polished as Taylor Swift, but they were great singers.
 We had our traditional Alice's Teacup date!
We saw If/Then with Idina Menzel. It was an amazing show that I could connect with so well. Idina is even greater than I could ever have expected, way better in my mind than Frozen.
We celebrated Barnard's Birthday with a GIANT cake of Barnard Hall. I'm so ridiculously proud to go to this college, which, by the way, is the the most rigorous University.
 Our amazing President DSpar led us in Happy Birthday with the new Barnard Way street sign.

A Short List of The Last Few Months

1. I attended Global Citizen with my friend Elena. So much fun!
 2. I went to Blessing of the Animals at St. John The Divine
 3.The Empire State Building was Barnard blue in honor of the quasquicentennial!
 4. I saw Jodi Picoult and got my book signed.
 5. Took a trip to the cloisters.


My Life Lately AKA Why I Love Barnard (abridged edition)

 1. Convocation: beautiful. Barnard Alumnae Anna Quindlen spoke! Plus the president of Barnard DSpar is amazing.

With Anna Quindlen

 With DSpar
 2. Sunset over the Manhattan skyline from the top of the Met. Breathtaking.

 3. People's Climate March: amazing seeing all the people out to demand Climate Justice!

4. The night after the People's Climate March I went to St. John the Divine to watch the Religions for the World summit on climate justice. Al Gore spoke along with many other amazing religious leaders. It was remarkable seeing all these different religions together in harmony.
5. Sunsets over Butler library.

7. My first article was published in the Columbia Daily Spectator last night. Read it here!

So many amazing opportunities. I made the right choice coming to New York City and Barnard. Tomorrow I go to Global Citizen!



It has been two weeks since I moved into Barnard: two weeks of craziness and not a single blog post. Move in day was bitter sweet. I am excited for my journey through college, but I am also quite saddened by how much I am leaving behind. 
The best part of NSOP (New Student Orientation Program) was meeting Lauren Graham. Every year Barnard chooses a book written by a Barnard alumnae and sends it to all the new students for free. That alumnae then comes to talk about her book and her Barnard experience. This year we got Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham. I love Gilmore Girls and Parenthood so naturally I was thrilled. Lauren Graham graduated from Barnard in 1988. I am also quoted here on the Barnard website talking about the experience.
 Columbia University welcomed all of us new students with a community night in the gym.
 Then we had a glowstick party on Low Library steps.
 The next night was the full University first year party on the USS Imperial. It was a beautiful location overlooking the city.
I'm trying to explore the city since I live here. I don't want to be one of those people who never leaves the Columbia campus. On labor day I headed over to Brooklyn.


Road Trip Day 12: DC

We arrived in D.C. today. New York is so close I can almost feel the energy. The first thing we did upon entering the city was go to the zoo. Last year when we went the panda was pregnant so we didn't get to see her. Tomorrow is the baby panda's one year birthday and we got to see both him and his mother. 

We ate dinner at Busboys and Poets again this year. It is an amazing place with fantastic veggie burgers. The name is based on Langston Hughes. So literary. So delicious. So wonderful.

 This time there was no scaffolding on the Washington monument!
Next stop: NYC