Movie Night!!

At the Chumley's last night we had a movie night. Our plan was to watch
"The Ring 2" since we watched the first one
a couple weeks ago. However we found out the version we had was unrated
and decided not to watch it. So Rachel, Caitlin, Katelyn, Taylor
and I went to Movie Bank to search for a new movie.
After looking for about ten minutes we decided to get the same movie in
the PG-13 version. However when the machine spit it out it was still the unrated version.
We yelled "edit undo" many times.
We talked for a while about what to do and decided to get "White Noise." (which wasn't that good but the man who's picture follows had a pretty cool chin!)
Basically anyone who watches the security tape will think we
are insane (especially with the returning fish hand and the new appearance of a
doll from the 1920s that Rachel found in her garage.)
Here is our favorite chin man, I mean isn't it amazing!
And here is the baby AKA Taylor's child.
(She loves it and is the one who insisted on bringing it to Movie Bank!)

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