Sophomore Year So Far

I haven't posted forever, here is an update.

Tuesday 6 September 2011 School begins

Wednesday 7 September 2011 Taylor Swift concert! Oh my gosh SO amazing! That's the above picture! She sung some of my favorite songs and her dresses are amazing. My Mom is thinking of making me a replica of her purple one for homecoming. She is wearing it in the above picture but it is hard to see. She wears it for a while including for Speak Now and Fearless.

I swam this season in the school swim team. That is over now so I have more time to focus on school which is totally stressing me out. Halloween is tomorrow... I can't wait because we get to wear our costumes to school and ... I am going to be Quinn Fabray!!! Friday night was the rivalry football game against Port Angeles, we won 27-14! I am going to California to see my sister and her children for Thanksgiving and I am excited to just get out of Sequim. Sometimes when I don't leave for a while I get a little cabin fever. The weather is getting really cold, I want summer back. But for Christmas I am going to Panama so I get to suck up two weeks of heat while I am there!

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