Hazel and Brennan!

I love this girl, I have probably mentioned this before but I just can't help but mentioning it again. I love, love, LOVE her. She is so happy, honestly she says thank you to everything! Her big brother throws pillows at her face "thank you Brennan." But I know that you don't care to hear me brag her up but please bear with me. I mean she even told me her favorite animals are elephants... a girl after my heart. Oh when she was drawing on this high tech 21st century baby device she informed me she was drawing with her paws.

I wish I had a good picture of Brennan but I don;t. I adore him as well. He's nine and has gotten to an age where I can actually talk to him about real things which is awesome. My niece, Natalee (who is my age), Brennan and I had great riddle nights, some of Brennan's were really good. Plus he got brownie points for making my wii character skinny and because he reads Harry Potter, hehe!

Yep, I wish they lived here in Washington instead of in California or we lived there. Just to tell you this was from our thanksgiving trip to Eureka. Oh plus exciting news: my sister Molly and kids are coming in June. Excited!

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