Junior Prom

So A week ago last Tuesday I was sitting in first period, Honors World Literature, like every other day. There were some people who weren't in my class sitting on the couch and a boy in the back, tuning his guitar. I had heard about this flash mob thing so I assumed that's what it was. I was confused, as was everyone else but class started as normal. Then....
Emanuel, a senior boy from school, walks in carrying a rose and starts singing the song "Isn't She Lovely" to me. I was blushing horribly and my friend, who was SO excited, had her jaw wide open. So he finishes singing and then asks me to Junior Prom. Of course I said yes! I had never gone to a dance with someone before heck I'd not even gone on a date let alone had someone sing to me. 
Well, Junior Prom was last saturday and we had a lot of fun! The music at the dance was TERRIBLE, it was all dubstep, but we still had fun. Now for senior ball!

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