Animal Farms

Oh, literary references. No this has nothing to do with George Orwell's allegory except possibly the appearance of cows in both. We went into town in the morning with our plan being the game farm. I had not been since the field trip my first grade class went on. It was sunny but still cold and early when we arrived. My Mom, Molly, Lucy, Elliot, and I began with a driving tour where we saw many animals including bears, zebras, prairie dogs, lions (the original Simba and Nala...more on that later), wolves and of course the world famous buffalo. Plus more animals including that deer like thing in the photo below that I don't know what to call. We drove and took pictures then got out for the barn tour.

The barn tour showed us all the sets from movies the animals were in, movie posters, props, and other items. In one of the sets the man asked for a strong volunteer to lift a rock. No one stepped up to the task so the worker asked Elliot if he would be willing. Elliot nodded quietly and came under the barricade to attempt the arduous task of picking up the rock. With no problem Elliot lifted the rock over his head. It was made of Styrofoam. There was a certain joy I felt having the the one trying something be my nephew. The animals at the farm have been in many movies. The original Simba and Nala are full grown lions at the farm now. When Disney was first doing the movie they asked for pictures and names of some lion cubs from the farm for the Lion King. The pictures were sent and Simba and Nala were based off of them and that is where they got their names.

After the game farm we went to the dairy to get our milk. Usually that wouldn't be particularly exciting except there are baby cows so of course the kids wanted to see them. The calves are so darn cute. 

The photo quality on all these photos stink. The first two because they were taken through the glass and the last one both the kids are very squinty because of the sun.

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