The Arthur's Are Here!

On Thursday after school my Mom and I went to the airport to pick up Molly and the kids. It is amazing to think that Lucy is the same age Elliot was last time they visited, four, and Elliot is the same age Brennan was when when the Arthur's visited three years ago, seven. 

Elliot has become quite the splendid young man and sweet older brother. When they visited last time his word was "actually" and now he loves to say "you betcha." He is also a terrific reader. Reading opens up such a grand world of possibilities and I am so glad that he if diving into it with his whole heart. He is mature now and has a brain packed with facts of everything from bees to flowers to planets and dinosaurs.

Lucy is a totally different person than she was last time. Three years ago she would cry if you tried to get too near to her. When I visited two years ago she was not as shy but now she is hilarious, energetic, and so talkative. During dinner when asked if she likes something instead of saying "yes" or "no" she makes up a whole system with her body. For example "if I wave it means I like it but if I stick my tongue out it means I don't like it." She then executes the sign that expresses how she feels. We can always tell it is coming because she will be asked what she thinks and then she will carefully place her fork and knife on her napkin. She also has a plethora of jokes at her disposal, some planned and others spontaneous. My favorite Lucy quote: the kids were trying to guess the swear word Molly was talking about. She asked the kids what she said when she was really angry. "Lucy Catherine" Lucy exclaimed.

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