Fun With Grandpa

I love seeing my Dad give attention to my nieces and nephews, his grandkids. Yesterday was a perfect example. Elliot said to Molly "maybe if Angela wants could we go play baseball." At hearing that I won't lie I cringed...just a tiny bit. I am not a sport's person and don't get me wrong I love doing things with Elliot but throwing a ball doesn't happen to be one of them. Molly told Elliot she doubted I would want to and I told him who would really like to play baseball with him was his Grandpa. So he anxiously awaited my Dad's return from town. When my Dad got back Elliot ran down to ask him then quickly sprinted back up to grab his bat. It melted my heart to watch my Dad pitch, Elliot batting, and Lucy catching. Later both kids got a ride in the Bobcat they'd been eying for the last couple of days.

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