I have wanted to get my haircut in a bob since the beginning of freshmen year, but every time I'd ask the hair dressers they'd give me this look, make excuses, and only cut a few inches off. Watching Glee and seeing Dianna Agron (Quinn Fabray) with her short haircut gave me a new longing to chop it off. I decided I was ready back in probably February but I had to wait until after my ballet recital. Those weeks crawled by. Let me tell you when I was in New York I was SO tempted to just cut it off. But I resisted the urge. And so it was the day after my ballet recital that I finally made the drastic change. The difference in care and feel is amazing. I had a ridiculous amount of split ends. The hairdresser was so sweet. She examined the photos I brought and took care to do what I asked for. So you have before and after. The after isn't too great because the cut hadn't set yet but you get the idea.

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