Pacific Science Center

On thursday my Mom, Dad, Molly, Elliot, Lucy, and I went to the Pacific Science Center in Seattle. We took the ferry over and then walked to the center. The sky was as azure and the sun gleamed. Once at the center we ate the lunches we had packed then looked at the basic exhibits. Elliot was very excited about everything. We just walked around and explored the center until it was time to go to the IMAX movie we had reserved. The movie was about Egypt's mummies and was jam-packed with astounding details and real mummies. It was  in documentary format with actors and actresses playing characters from history including pharaohs and royals. Both of the kids loved it. The King Tut exhibit part however was not as great for the children. They quietly watched and didn't disrupt anything but it was not meant for their ages. We left the Science Center after finishing that exhibit.

Standing outside the gates was a man making balloons. "Lucy wants one of those," Elliot said offhandedly. 

Molly wasn't sure but then the clown replied, "It's no base cost, all by donation." So Molly gave in and the kids stepped over to him. "What is your name, young lady?" He placed his gaze down at Lucy.

Lucy, who was very excited to be called "young lady" replied quietly, "Lucy,"

"Oh that was my Dad's name when he was a little girl," The balloon mad man proclaimed with a straight face. "So would you like pink?" 

And so the man made them each a balloon. When he asked Elliot what his name was and he told the man Mr. Balloon retorted "good job." As if it were a question on a quiz. The balloon man then went on to ask how ET was doing. The experience was even better than the product.

We then rode the monorail back and walked from the station passed Elliott's where Elliot got a picture. Unfortunately it is spelled differently but it was still cute. We caught the ferry exactly right, the kids both got spongebob pops, and fell asleep on the drive home.

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