We Had the Kids for the Day

Molly went to Silverdale with our sister-in-law Lesta today so my Mom and I had the kids today. It was exhausting but wonderful. We made play-dough, played with the play-dough, took a walk, played chess and checkers, played tag, jumped on the trampoline, made brownies and took a hike. Both of the kids enjoyed themselves even though the hike was a bit long for them. By the end they both wanted to be carried, but no such luck. Lucy was still a ball of energy when we returned, while the rest of us were  exhausted, some of us maybe mentally more than physically. I love these kids! Lucy nearly beat me at checkers, wouldn't that be embarrassing being beat by a four year old! We actually were fortunate enough to see some blue sky in the afternoon, Washington has been having a bad case of June-uary this year. We had more rain in the first ten days than we have ever had in the whole month of June! So the sun in these pictures is deceiving.

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