I left for Colorado within minutes of Molly and the kids leaving for Australia. Well I was supposed to, actually my flight was delayed a few hours. Anyways I got to Colorado. My Aunt and Uncle live in Boulder so I went first to Boulder. My Aunt's niece from her side of the family, Astrid flew in the same day. Astrid is a year older than me, but we are in the same grade. The first day in Boulder we saw the Prairie dogs and went to the mall. Then that night we left on the four hour drive to Fruita, the town where we would launch the boat the next morning.

After waking up in our hotel, Uncle Bob, Aunt Micki, my cousin Elias, his girlfriend Fo, the dog Cricket, Astrid, and I all prepared to launch the boats in the Colorado river. We spent time to get all ready. At about eleven it was finally time to launch our raft and two kayaks. We paddled all that day and camped that night. We camped for two nights with three days on the water. We took out in Utah, in the absolute middle of no where and drove back to Boulder on Monday.

On Tuesday my Uncle Bob and I went to Denver to spend a day in the city. We had lunch at a bookstore cafe. I love that because I love bookstores. I could spend days looking through a bookstore and this one, two stories high, was no different. After lunch my Uncle and I made our way over to the Denver Art Museum. On our way we saw the state house, city hall, and the Denver library. There were two exhibits in the Denver Art Museum that I absolutely loved: an interactive display of a three year old's drawings that you could make do different things, and the red room where everything was red except these grey foxes.

On the final day we were back in Boulder and all we did was walk Cricket and bring me to the airport. Prepare to laugh at Cricket, he has pretty short legs!

 The Colorado gang: Fo, Elias, Micki, Bob, and Cricket
 The Stallard Family
Elias and me. Don't judge, this photo was taken at six in the morning!

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