Duffy's Visit

Just a day after my return from Europe my sister Anna and her family came up from California. Anna, her husband Chris, and two kids: Hazel (4) and Brennan (10) stayed for ten days. We then had four little kids running around the house. Well maybe more like two running and the two boys on the computer. There were a plethora of parties and lots of time with family. We returned to the Pacific Science Center, this time to visit the exhibits not king Tut.

Lucy is nearly a year older than Hazel and they became best friends. My heart melted the day I walked outside and saw the two girls walking holding hands. As always Lucy was in the lead. There were no adults out there and I was just so thrilled to see the simply beautiful relationship between these two cousins. One day they were sitting on the swivel chair calling it "Dino Land" and "swimming" on the tiles that they called the water. I was so glad to see that these girls have such powerful imaginations. Hazel is absolutely adorable, she says of course in front of nearly everything. "Of course the other girl's still asleep," about Lucy was one of my favorites. Another I loved was when I was upstairs and the sprinkler had been turned on. All the kids were downstairs and Hazel ran up alone to say to me "of course it's raining outside!" So precious!

Brennan is three years older than Elliot and seems like a real young man now. He is very nice to his sister and appreciative. He never asked for things for himself, helped out, and always said "thank you." He is so grown up now!

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