Our final city on our Europe trip was Oslo a beautiful city in Norway. We took an overnight cruise from Copenhagen to Oslo. The cruise ship included a swimming pool, night club, hot tub, sauna, full store, kids care, coffee shops, bars, and restaurants. When we docked in Oslo we went straight to touring the city seeing the sculpture park, ski jump, and visiting two museums: an art one where we saw an exhibit on Munch and the scream, and the Noble Peace Center where we explored an exhibit on women in Afghanistan. The trip was amazing spanning seven countries and teaching us so much.


  1. i was looking at the picture of you in the Glee Cheerio uniform ( really good job you have done)and I was thinking i could check out your blog! Then i saw this and i was like: Omg! I live in Oslo i i was in the park a week ago! Haha:) I thought i was kinda funny. Dont know if thats just me but...:)
    Sorry, but my English is not that good...

    1. Wow!!! That's really cool! I loved Norway, I just wish I could have spent more time there! It's a beautiful place! :) What places should I go next time I come to Norway?
      By the way your english is great! Way better than I can do in any other language.:)

    2. And I'm glad you found my blog! Follow me if you want:)

  2. Well... Norway do have a lot of beautiful natur! Up in the mountains and stuff like that. Mabye in the northern part of norway:)