Lunch With Bill Clinton

Left: President Clinton after he shook my hand. Top Right: In the student section with Inslee and Clinton behind me. Bottom Left: Clinton waving "bye" behind me. Far Right: Holding the Lunch with Bill Clinton ticket.
Oh My Gosh!!! So I'm still reeling from this afternoon! I shook President Clinton's hand! So I'll start from the beginning.

When I was probably nine years old on our drive from Wisconsin to Washington my family and I listened to Bill Clinton's book on tape. It was my first real experience with a political figure. I adored him. Then fourth grade rolled around and I was campaigning for Hillary Clinton with buttons and all. Through out all the years there has been a special place in my heart for Bill Clinton. Before Obama he was my favorite president, now he is tied with Obama.

Anyway years passed and I was bored on facebook. A boy in my school said that he was attending "lunch with Bill Clinton." It was a luncheon with former president Bill Clinton supporting Jay Inslee for governor. Expecting the price to be out of this world I went to the site just for fun. Boy was I surprised when student tickets were only 25 dollars! My mom wouldn't be able to go because her tickets would be 150 dollars so I texted my friend, Christie. She was excited and we made arrangements to go.

The next day (today) we caught the 10:30 AM ferry to Seattle. We had lunch at this nice crumpet place in Pike Place Market. Then we made our way up to the Washington Conference Center. We picked up our tickets and waited to get in. We were lucky because we expected to be standing but instead there were seats. We were in the front row of the student section near the middle which was nice. There was a girl, Eleanor who sat next to us and we got to talking. She is also a junior in high school from the Seattle area. She even used to live in Port Angeles!

The speakers were all great including Patty Murray, Maria Cantwell, Jay Inslee, and of course President Clinton. There was also a musical performance by Ben Gibbard, the lead singer of Death Cab for Cutie, a band my sister happens to adore! President Clinton was the last speaker. Of course I was really excited. I have dreamed of seeing him since I was nine years old.

He finished speaking and we decided to go over to the stage to see if her was still around there and possible get some better pictures. He was going around shaking people's hands and we made our way through the crowd. At one point we thought he wouldn't come over to our area, but he did and he shook my hand. PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON SHOOK MY HAND!!! Yea, I'm pretty excited. Jay Inslee also shook my hand and I said to him, "I wish I could vote."

He responded, "well tell your friends, your aunts, uncles, your parents."

"They're already voting for you," I said back.

That was pretty cool. I was so speechless when I shook Clinton's hand I don't think there were any words I could say.

Afterwards, Eleanor, Christie, and I walked out of the room and over to the escalator. Before we went down we stood by the top, out of the way for a few minutes jumping up and down, squealing, and grinning from ear to ear. People stared at us, but hey, they didn't just shake Bill Clinton's hand. When we finally could go down we were still squealing, smiling, looking at our hands where Clinton held them, and shaking with excitement. We all agreed that that was one of the most amazing experiences of our lives and one we'll never forget. We continued with our crazy fan girl excitement for a long time just standing on the street and to some extent I am still continuing it to this moment. 

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