Left: My on top of the elephant with my cousin. Right Top: Bike Art. Right Bottom: from our dinner restaurant
On labor day weekend my mom and I went down to Portland for my uncle from Colorado's sixtieth birthday. We didn't actually see him very much because they were going to Eugene for a wedding, but we had breakfast on Monday. My cousin, Krishna lives there and we were able to stay in his sweet little house. We also got to meet his girlfriend, Jen.

Krishna took us on a bike ride from his house around the city. By the way biking is the perfect way to see Portland! It is very much part of the local culture. We went to the Portland Museum of Science and then around the water area. That area was very sweet and full of local culture. 

The next morning we went to a biscuit cafe for a late breakfast early lunch thing. It was a very southern place with biscuits, hash-browns, squash bread, and other southern delicacies.  I had a wonderful biscuit with jam. A truly charming place. After taking a little walk we went to Powell's books. It's the biggest bookstore in the United States and right up my alley. I love books and bookstores. Right down the road from the bookstore was a little park with this elephant. Of course I love elephants so I was pretty excited!!!

Pretty great last weekend of summer. Especially getting to spend it with my mom!

Mom and me in front of the elephant statue

Just for fun here's a tortoise from the amphibian exhibit at the Portland Museum of Science

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