The Freshmen Washed Our Dog and Other Pointless Rantings

Our freshman are freaking adorable! I know they don't think so, but they are. Their ASB decided to do a dog wash. Now everyone does car washes but have you heard of a dog wash? I was pretty excited, our dog, not so much. Regardless last saturday we brought her in,  they got her clean and she behaved well. The whole time they went on about how cute she is, but that's all part of the job description.

School is insane. Seriously. Stress to the max. Everyone tells me, "junior year was my favorite!" Well I just don't see it. It's been my hardest year so far with Pre Calculus, AP United States History, AP American Literature, Journalism, Spanish 3, Chemistry, and Leadership. Precalculus, which we call math analysis, isn't that hard for me. I'm good at math and I actually enjoy it so the only problem is the amount of work. History has a ton of work, too. So nearly every night I have homework until I finally go to bed. I lucked out today though because we had tests in both those classes, if you can call that luck. But I have no homework so I can relax!

Homecoming is in two weeks and it's actually kind of sad. I'm excited for spirit week, the assembly, and all. But then there's the dance. Sadly, I'm one of those forever alone people who mine as well bring her cat to the dance with her. I mean Princessa would look good in a tux! Not having a date definitely does put a damper on the whole thing, but what can you do? Unfortunately when I asked Princessa to the dance all she did was growl at me... haha. I'm super excited for Seussical day, though. I'm dressing up as Horton. I also get to be in the assembly as Horton, and on the float! Oh, and I get to make the six foot tall Horton for the junior hallway.

I had a party for elephant appreciation day last Saturday. More on that in my next post, but I'll tell you it was amazing!!!

I went to the film festival in Port Townsend last week and I saw a film about elephants in Thailand. The elephants, Motala and Mosha, lost their feet in land mines and the elephant hospital gave them prosthetic limbs. It was a great movie, "Eyes of Thailand" I definitely suggest it.

Taylor Swift has a new song out and I absolutely love it!!! But, what else would you expect, I'm kind of a huge fan. It's called "Begin Again." There's definitely nice acoustics, the lyrics are beautiful, and her voice is flawless! It's number one on iTunes so you better join the crowd! You can see an article I wrote about it on our school newspaper here: http://www.thegrowlonline.com. I have more articles than just that and I suggest you check them out.

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