a series of ridiculous mishaps

it was raining, the type of washington rain you see in twilight. i hadn't slept the night before. all thanks to that stupid drive test i was supposed to take. so my mom and i drove to port townsend for my drive test, in the pouring rain and my neck hurt from sleeping funny the night before. so i couldn't look over my shoulder while driving. we got to the drive place at 8:30 for my appointment at nine. i parked and we waited. more people came for drive tests and we sat in the car. finally the tester arrived. he took another person first, then another. next thing we knew it was 9:35 and we were still waiting. he was about to take the third person of the day and instead of going to us he went to the women next to us. my mom got out of the car and talked to him. she explained i had to get to school. he said he didn't have me on his list. the other person was having some issue so her relented on testing me. he had me show him the hand signals then prove my lights were all good. it turned out that third brake light (which my parents didn't think we needed since not all cars have it) was out and i couldn't take the test. so i went back to school having missed an hour and a half, dejected and annoyed. and that is my day of mishaps. ironically the nineteenth was also "national have a bad day" day.

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