Driving to Cali

Over winter break my mom and I drove down to Los Angeles. We are lucky to have family and friends all along the way to stay with. So we loaded my 1988 Toyota Corolla up with stuff and headed on a drive of nearly three thousand miles. The first night we stayed in Oregon, then Eureka, then Santa Cruz. From there we stayed two nights in Los Angeles and back on the same trail. The drive was charming, better than either my mom or I expected. I have another post coming of our time in LA, but for now here's the drive.
My niece Hazel is seriously the cutest thing ever. When I was looking through the pictures and I saw this one I gasped-those eyes!
We got to drive over the Golden Gate Bridge which was awesome. Last year we walked across it, but driving was far less noisy.
So somewhere in there we were in Los Angeles because these are already the return trip. Above is the mission at San Luis Obispo where we stopped for lunch. The town is just about the most charming thing we have ever seen in our lives. Maybe someday I'll live there.

Brennan and Hazel

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