The Angel City

I had never been to Los Angeles, well except the airport when I was flying to Australia. But, anyway this was my first real trip. My mom and I had a lot of fun despite all the bad opinions we got from everyone up here. Los Angeles was actually nice. I'll inform you I saw no smog. The worst traffic of our whole trip was about two hours from home near the Tacoma, and there really weren't too many people. Now I'll admit I didn't see any celebrities that I could recognize, but oh well I didn't see any gangs either. We however did have a stalker. We were walking down Hollywood boulevard and this man kept following us. Finally we nervously ducked into a building which turned out to be a church. He looked over and neared the door, obviously looking for us. After a while he finally walked off. It just goes to show how careful a person has to be in any city or in any town really.

We did all the tourist things you know the stars, the Hollywood sign and the Chinese theatre. However probably both my mom and my favorite thing was the Hollywood farmers market we stumbled upon. It was nice to get away from all the tourists and be with the locals. Definitely some ideas I'd like our farmer's market to start-like samples. We stayed in Santa Monica which was great for everything we needed to go to. Beverley Hills shocked me. Until then our local Bell Hill was what I more or less thought of as rich. Boy was I wrong, those houses are amazing!

The first night we ate at a restaurant called Dominick's in West Hollywood. The second night we just ate in Santa Monica. Both nights we were lucky to have Pinkberry. For those of you who don't know Pinkberry is a delicious frozen yogurt I first discovered in New York. WE don't have them in Washington, sadly. Or maybe that's good, at least for my legs. ;)

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