My time with Natalee in the city was wonderful, but the real jewel of the trip was the Barnard Precollege program. It was called the Liberal Arts Intensive and it was the best week of my life. For one I made awesome friends whom you will see in my photos. I also learned lots and had plenty of time to explore the city. Though there is obviously much of New York I still haven't seen I now think I have a pretty good feel for the city. I calculated my total time there and I have spent about seventeen days in New York, in three different segments. Plus I'm going back in August! Anyway, the people were great. I made closer friends in the one week at Barnard than I have in my twelve years in Sequim, no offense Sequimites. It was just great to meet new people with similar aspirations and interests. My class was called Modernist New York and it was fantastic. We read the book Manhattan Transfer and then talked about such talents as F. Scott Fitzgerald and Langston Hughes. We even got a walking tour of Harlem and a visit to the MOMA during class. I can not even explain how amazing the experience was and I would suggest it next summer to anyone going into their sophomore or junior years this year, especially to high achieving girls. Boys can go to, but since it is a Woman's College there were only five boys out of 250 people.
 I went to Ellen's Stardust Diner with my friend Anna and Rachel and it was AMAZING. That is Rachel and our waiter who they call Frenchie.
 My new friend, Anna from Texas and I explored the city a bunch.
 Another friend, Lydia, Anna and I were very patriotic. We didn't plan it and it was really quite exciting.
 After Lydia and my class trip to the MOMA we ate at one of those communal table places. The food was good, but overpriced considering I was still hungry afterwards. 

The view from the top floor of the residency hall where we stayed in Barnard. I'm in love! <3 p="">

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