New York

Following Philadelphia my mom and I took the train to New York. New York is my city. I'm in love with it. I love the movement, the sounds and the energy. There is a certain feeling in New York that isn't present in any other city. New York calls my name and I can't wait to call it home. We got off the Amtrak in Penn Station and ascended up the escalator to the street. With every foot farther up I got more excited. It was about lunch time and we quickly dropped our bags off before setting out on an adventure. We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge which was crazier than expected. I guess that's what we get for choosing a beautiful, sunny Sunday afternoon. People were everywhere. It was a challenge to not either step in someone's picture or into the bike path or both. The bikers would yell at everyone "get out of the bike path" and I tried to not let it get on my nerves since they have one biker to every ten  walkers. Anyway on the other side of the bridge is this area called DUMBO which was really cute. We then took the subway back and ate at Ellen's Startdust Diner again which I went to when I was at Barnard.

The following day I had my interview and then my mom and I went to Alice's teacup for lunch. That place is wonderful and I would suggest it to anyone visiting New York. Afterwards we enjoyed a quiet day in New York. We walked down to see the Wall Street Bull which I had not yet seen. Right by there we saw filming for a TV show called Person of Interest. We aren't sure if we saw an actors or actresses, but we did see a couple starring dogs. Afterwards we went to Central Park where we saw author Tom Wolfe and others going to see Shakespeare in the park. Afterwards we went to see some free entertainment at the movie in the park at Bryant park. The next day we left on the train.

 ^Alice's Teacup, best thing ever!^

 ^Waffles and Dinges! BEST WAFFLES EVER!^

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