Washington D.C.

When I have the most to blog about is always when I have the least time to do it. That is the case right now. I am very behind on an amazing two week trip to the East Coast my mom and I just returned from. Our first stop was Washington D.C. I have never been there and I enjoyed it very much. We spent four nights there and here is a (very) small selection of the photos I took. D.C. was wonderful and I can't wait to return!

 ^my very favorite animals at the National Zoo! :) ^
^I took WAY too many door pictures. For this I narrowed it down to one.^
 ^I love John F. Kennedy and the rest of the Kennedy family. One of the things we did on this trip was follow the Kennedy sights around. In D.C. it was his grave and the JFK exhibit in the Newseum.^
 ^Tomb of the unknown soldier^


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