Finally. Graduation.

This last Friday I graduated from high school. It took until halfway through the ceremony that I realized how everything actually is changing. Besides the year I home schooled in Panama I spent the last eleven years in the Sequim school district all on the same block. Now as I embark on my next adventure everything changes. I will no longer be with these same people or in the same place. I look forward to the new adventure, but in some ways I realize there are parts that I will miss. Graduation was an enjoyable ceremony though I was stressed about my speech. I was glad it was in the beginning since I could get it over with. I encouraged my classmates to be the new greatest generation, like those who sacrificed in World War II. I spoke to them about my belief that greatness, however, does not require war. After the ceremony was the all night graduation party. It was LONG, not ending until four in the morning. The best part though was that I won a Keurig K-cup machine which I really wanted for college. My uncle came up from Colorado, my mom's cousin and husband from Oregon as well my brother and his family from Port Townsend for the ceremony. 

^I started my Valedictory speech with "but first, hold up, let me take a selfie."^

 ^With my mom's cousin, her husband, my mom and my uncle^
 ^With my sister-in-law and niece^
 ^With my brother and dad^
 ^With my favorite teacher, Mrs. Reichner^
 ^WIth my friend Heidi^


  1. Really Beautiful Hun, I'm so Happy for you ^.^; Congratulations!! Hope you come down the other side of the world next for your travels!

  2. Glad to see some of the family and congratulations on Valedictorian sweety ^>^;!!