Hillary Clinton

For years I have admired Hillary Clinton. As for many girls for me she is the symbol of all that women can do. She is my inspiration for so much. When I was in fourth grade while other girls loved Hannah Montana I loved Hillary Clinton. A year and a half ago I had the opportunity to meet Bill Clinton, one of my favorite presidents. Still Hillary has always been the one I've really loved. This year she released her new book Hard Choices so I knew I had to see if she was doing a book signing near me. It turned out she was doing one in Seattle. So my mom and I woke up at two thirty in the morning, caught the first ferry to Seattle and drove to the University bookstore to get in line for her book signing. We were in line by 5:45. There was a reporter from King 5 news there who interviewed me. Also KMPS radio came and interviewed me. They did this thing where they tried to trick us with current event questions. Too bad for them everyone in the line knew what the Secretary of State did and who the current one is, including me. At nine the doors opened and the first thousand or so got wristbands. The signing wasn't until five so we waited around the city once we got our wristbands. At around two we got back in line. When Hillary finally showed up we all cheered. 
 When I finally got up to the table THIS was our conversation. Needless to say it was better than I ever could have imagined: 
Me (shaking Hillary's hand): Hello thank you so much. 
Hillary: I like your shirt it's great (referring to my dare to say the f word: feminist shirt)
Me: thanks it's from my college, Barnard!
Hillary: Oh great, will you still be there next year?
Me: Yes I will be a freshman!
Hillary: Wonderful
Me: I campaigned for you in fourth grade...
Hillary (giggles): sweet, thanks
Me: and I attended the women in the world summit in New York this year.
Hillary: Oh that was such a great summit, wasn't it.
Me: Yes it was amazing!
^For those interested that is the shirt!^
 Also this past week I received a packet from my fifth grade teacher. One of the things in it was a letter that I wrote to my future self back in fifth grade. The timing of receiving this letter and going to the Hillary Clinton book signing seemed so perfect. I really haven't changed much except for my spelling which has improved.
More info on the event here. Photo seventeen is of me!


  1. if hiliray liked ur shirt :) let us see a pic of ur shirt :D.... i wanna see :D ^>^; anyway great post. Ty for always sharing and updating. really like and enjoy this blog.

    1. I added a picture with the shirt! Thank you!

    2. its seriously important that i know asap... hun do u play a game called wartune? .. if no reply.. i'll just assume u dont know me then and leave... thank you for ur time.

  2. yay ty so much Julie !! ^>^; oh and if ur wondering why i am calling you Julie.... umm.. there is a reason why im on this blog actually... if you dont know who i am then i'm sorry for mistaking you with another person. ... can u pls clarify if i am mistaking u for another person.... so i know if i should stay or move on.

  3. I think you are mistaking me with someone else, sorry. I have never played any online games like Wartune.