Summer, Pets, Music in the Park and Froyo

 Summer has always been a time of reflection for me,
many of my joyful memories happen during these months.
School is always so go go go that I often can't relax.
In summer I feel more free.
so this summer I photographed my cat
and climbed a tree.
Our town does music in the park every tuesday during the summer
so we went and had a picnic
where I found these adorable pups just relaxing in the sun.
 So maybe a froyo opened forty minutes from our house
in a town called Port Angeles
and maybe I went on the opening day,
only a couple hours after it opened.
I'm sorry, but before we had to drive over an hour for froyo.
Maybe I'm addicted,
but I need to complete my punch card before leaving for college.
This is one of the cutest froyos I've seen,
plus it is individually owned.

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  1. What is your favorite flavor julie? ^>^; We have a Yogurt Land in every city in Hawaii. Everyone loves Lychee flavor here..... i think i'll go get some now after reading this.