I have never been to Alaska before and I have also never been on a cruise. When I graduated high school my mom and I wanted to find a trip to take. Since I am moving across the country we decided that Alaska would be a sensible idea. I will probably never live this close to Alaska again. So we looked into cruises and found they were pretty affordable.
We sailed on the Celebrity Century out of Vancouver, Canada on July 20th. The cruise was fantastic, but there were a few slight issues. One was the internet which was nonexistent except for in Juneau (this is the reason for the blog silence.) This was coming at a time when I was hearing about roommates and all from my college so it was quite inconvenient. I wasn't a huge fan of the constant motion either, but that could not be avoided. I have always known Alaska rural, but I hadn't quite realized how isolated. It makes Sequim look like a great metropolis. Even Juneau seemed barely bigger than Port Angeles! The boat had fantastic food though I still heard complaints.
 ^I spent a lot of time reading^

^Ketchikan was quite rainy^

 ^I'm someone who is semi judgmental about entertainment, but this stuff was fantastic!^
We returned home on the 27th of July. The scenery was beautiful though much of it was similar to home. The glaciers of course were quite different. We saw some whales, but no bears. I would recommend the cruise though if I were to do another I would want one that made more frequent stops and less cruising days.


  1. Welcome Back Angela. It seemed like such a long time since you posted. Yay!! you remembered to post a lot of pictures for me this time ^.^ ty ty ty ^.^;

    Hope you can post something every week even if its small like maybe have a set day each week when you do a post ^.^;
    (I like bloggers that update often ^.^)

    The feeling of Happiness and Nostalgia engulfs me everytime I see your adventures.
    I havent visited Alaska and always wondered what its like there, I guess now i know i wont be going lol.
    (prefers the city/night life) ^.^;

    Did you manage to get any pics of the fantastic food you mentioned? XD I beleive food plays a big role in bringing cultures together.. so i am always curious to see what places have to offer. I hope im not too bothersome with my suggestions/requests.. If i am .. please dont hesitate to tell me.

    Ken Soriano

  2. It has been a while since I posted since I didn't have internet. I didn't get any photos of the food, however I am doing a segment during my two week road trip EATS: eat across the states where I am featuring different foods I have tried in different states. I am also starting a segment called the open letter where I write an informal little letter. It will sometimes be to a person, a place or a thing. I'm trying to do that each week. Thanks for your comment, Angela

    1. I'm glad you'll be starting something like that each week ^.^; I am really looking forward to them.