Portland Baby Shower

The youngest member of my family right now just turned six so when we received the message saying my cousin was having a baby I was ecstatic. This last weekend my mom and I headed down to Portland for the baby shower. A lot of the family came up so we enjoyed a mini family reunion and got to spend bit of time in Portland. All the cousins who didn't live in Portland and us actually all ended up staying in the same hotel and we didn't all even plan that! I saw my favorite elephant statue and enjoyed Powell's City of Books where I bought The One and Only by Emily Giffin which I can't wait to read. The only downside was the hot weather while driving with no air conditioning!
^Powell's: love this place!^

^My mom with her cousins^
 ^These twins are my cousin's girlfriends nieces and they were so adorable!^
 ^The family^
 ^This little guy was my little buddy^

 Lots of fun and all the babies around made me excited for the new baby coming in September!

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  1. Aww ^.^ you look so preetty Angela and the babies are soo adorable. Is that the 9th, 10th picture now w/ that elephant statue? XD Lets see a collage :) Congrats on the upcomming addition to the family.

    Even though we dont know each other much.. I hope we can become friends someday ^.^; That'd be like a dream come true for me. I'm always looking forward to hear the stories about the events, accomplishments and mishaps that you post ^.^;

    Will you ever be visiting Honolulu, Hawaii? I often do Tourist Attractions / Dining Reviews and it'd be so cool if you ever blog here. But i guess it wont be possible since you will be heading to NYC. :(

    Thank You again for an awesome post w/ lots of pictures ^>^; (likes posts with lots of pics)
    Sincerely, Ken Soriano