What Are You Reading?

I live half my life in the world of books. I read all the time and because of this I am often asked about my favorites as well as for suggestions of what to read. I am a believer of the quote "you are what you read" so I have decided to compile a list of books that have impacted my life. I have seen people's five top books on bookprints, but I could not choose just five. Sometimes it was just on sentence or one character or the entire story that impacted me. Some I read when I was in first grade, others I read just this year. Some are great  works of literature, others are not so much. Regardless all of these books, among others, have made me who I am today. I plan to continue to share books on here throughout the summer and college. 
My Fifty:

1.  A Friend Like Henry//Nuala Gardner
2.  A Series of Unfortunate Events//Lemony Snicket
3.  A Thousand Splendid Suns//Khaled Hosseini
4.  A Tree Grows In Brooklyn//Betty Smith
5.  Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland//Lewis Carroll
6.  Amy and Isabelle//Elizabeth Strout
7.  Anna Karenina//Leo Tolstoy
8.  Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret//Judy Blume
9.  Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe//Benjamin Alire Sáenz
10. Between Shades of Gray//Ruta Sepetys
11. Bossypants//Tina Fey
12. Bridge to Terabithia//Katherine Paterson
13. Cat’s Eye//Margaret Atwood
14. Children of the Lamp Series//P.B. Kerr
15. Eat, Pray, Love//Elizabeth Gilbert
16. From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweller//E.L. Konigsburg
18. Gone Girl//Gillian Flynn
19. Harry Potter//J.K. Rowling
20. House Rules//Jodi Picoult
21. I am Forbidden//Anouk Markovits
22. Lean In//Sheryl Sandberg
23. Little House Series//Laura Ingalls Wilder
24. Living History//Hillary Clinton
25. Me and Emma//Elizabeth Flock
26. Modoc: The True Story of the Greatest Elephant That Lived//Ralph Helfer
27. My Life//Bill Clinton
28. Nancy Drew Series//Carolyn Keene
29. Paper Towns//John Green
30. Sarah’s Key//Tatiana de Rosnay
31. Siddhartha//Hermann Hesse
32. Sold//Patricia McCormick
33. Stolen: A Letter to My Captor//Lucy Christopher
34. The Bell Jar//Silvia Plath
35. The Catcher in the Rye//J.D. Salinger
35. The Diary of Anne Frank//Anne Frank
36. The Fault in Our Stars//John Green
37. The Great Gatsby//F. Scott Fitzgerald
38. The Help//Kathryn Stockett
39. The Kite Runner//Khaled Hosseini
40. The Lovely Bones//Alice Sebold
41. The Memory Keeper’s Daughter//Kim Edwards
42. The Notebook//Nicholas Sparks
43. The Perks of Being a Wallflower//Stephen Chbosky
44. The Poisonwood Bible//Barbara Kingsolver
45. The Scarlet Letter//Nathaniel Hawthorne
46. The Thief Lord//Cornelia Funke
47. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz//L. Frank Baum
48. To Kill a Mockingbird//Harper Lee
49. Tuck Everlasting//Natalie Babbitt
50. Water for Elephants//Sarah Gruen
^Some of my early reading (Kindergarten?)^
On the top photo I am reading Anna Karenina today on the hammock.
The middle photo I am reading Manhattan Transfer last year in New York

So what are you reading?


  1. Even though I've mistaken you for someone else. I still really enjoy ur blog and would like to continue reading the interesting stories that you update for us. We have some similar favorites such as The Great Gatsby and Tuck Everlasting :)

    Some books i loved that i havent seen on ur list:
    The Tattoo / Chris Mckinney
    The Book Thief / Mark Zusak

    *I'm deeply sorry for any misunderstandings i might have caused... on here and on Facebook last year. Do you remember? i mistakenly commented on your pictures. I apologize for that. I wanted to explain.. but i was blocked.

    - Ken Soriano

    1. No problem! I'm sorry for the confusion. The Book Thief was one that did come to mind. I thought I put it on the list, but I guess not. It's a fantastic book. I haven't read the other yet. I will look it up though. Please do continue to read my blog. I love having people who read and comment. -Angela

    2. I'm glad you clarified that and hopefully forgive me. The first time I found out about you was when i admired the beautiful queen above the top float in the Irrigation Festival ^.^; I wanted to meet you although you seemed so busy.. i didnt want to intrude or maybe i guess i was just too shy 6.6;. Its really cool how you travel across the USA. I really wish I could do that.... but i usually end up finding myself in Vegas on the Mainland.

      I recently came back from Seattle actually just 2 months ago. It would have been nice to have someone like you show me around. The weather was unbearable for me though, people felt sorry because i was shivering all the time... untill they found out i was from Hawaii.. then they didnt feel sorry lol. I feel so at ease that you replied to me. I wanted to comment actually since last year in May, but was afraid you'd ignore me.

      Anyway thats enough about me... that first picture, I've never seen princessa look so adorable ^>^; perfect timing on that shot. and who doesnt love comments ^>^; i love them too. Just like in Facebook... i would rather have someone comment on a picture the click the like button.
      I am sorry for this long comment. I do seriously read everything ^.^; and I hope you have more dedicated followers ^.^

      Ken GS

    3. Wait you actually went to the irrigation festival? Or did you see pictures? Anyway, yes I love to travel and there will be many more pictures all around the United States this summer as I am doing a cross country road trip. Thanks for the nice comments about Princessa.

    4. Actually I think its better if you take a look at this: facebook.com/chris.rli.3?fref=tl_fr_box

      I suggest you report it on your FB. This is why i was confused so much... and i wanted to clarify everything after the person whoever was using that page added me.

      I have puppies but after seeing princessa... maybe i'll consider a cat ^.^; will you be taking her to college w/ you? oh it would be nice and interesting if you could visit and review some good eats you come across during your travels too ^.^

  2. That is so creepy. Thank you for telling me. I can't bring my cat to college because she doesn't live underwater, but yes I will review some food!