An Open Letter to My Former High School

Dear Sequim High School,
  Every fall since I was six I lined up my school supplies and prepared my bag to go to the same line of schools off of Fir Street. For the last four years, you Sequim High School have been my home away from home. Within your walls (or in your case lack of walls because of the California style architecture) I cried, I laughed, I had a great time, and I felt utterly and desperately alone. It was in room 125 that I had the most inspirational English teacher that I believe the world has to offer. It was in room 111 that I realized that while things may be hard, I can always make it through if I just work. I’ve cared about you. I’ve worked in leadership to make you a better place, but you have also disappointed me. 
You disappointed me when you failed to provide me with a model UN club, when you didn’t offer AP World History and when you didn’t allow me to decorate my graduation cap. For 99.9 percent of my time with you I wanted our relationship over. That wasn’t always the case.
Four years ago I was thrilled that I was a high schooler. I looked towards orientation with a type of elation that probably matched my current thrill for entering college. To be honest, I hope college doesn’t let me down in the same way. 
Now though, Sequim High School, I realize I have probably judged you harshly. You might not have offered the Phillips Andover education that I so desired, but you gave me the building blocks necessary to hoist me into the next section of my life. You educated me enough to compete on a national level and get into my dream school. You provided me with incredible teachers that taught me the necessary material and inspired me for the future. 
When I left your after picking up my diploma I swore I would never enter again. That may be true. That is probably true, but regardless understand I see no animosity between us. You were a chapter of my life that is over, a chapter I am glad is over, but please. No hard feelings.

Best wishes,
Angela Bentley

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  1. Loving these open letters already ^.^; I was able to see a side of you I havent before. You are extremely ambitious and intelligent. I know and beleive that you'll offer amazing things to the world not only in the US but internationally as well. I pray that the next chapter in your life exceeds your expectations.

    Best Wishes
    - Ken Soriano