An Open Letter To My Hometown

Dear Sequim,
     I don't really know how to start a letter like this because I have never had to before. You have been my first and to date, only, serious relationship. Sure, I've had some dates with Panama and Wisconsin, but in all honesty, you and I have been going steady since I was born. I guess I'll start with a cliche. We have had our ups and our downs. In the start of our relationship I stood by you always, but as I've aged I've also grown more jaded. I've realized it does rain a ton here.
     As queen I carried the crown, representing you. I preached of your assets throughout the state. Sometimes I felt insincere and I'm sorry. High school was the bumpy time of our relationship as we prepared for the inevitable breakup. You still stayed there for me, whether I wanted it or not.
     A while back when I was driving home I saw a man on the street with a sign saying "God bless Sequim." To me that epitomizes you. I rolled my eyes and continued driving. As I left the city limits I saw the mountains above the fields of grass and I saw the beauty of the place. So Sequim, you are not my paradise, but I can see why you would be someone's.
Best Wishes,
P.S. maybe we can have coffee together sometime, but we are NEVER EVER getting back together. Like, ever.


  1. When I visited there to eat at the old oak table café, some people asked me what I was doing there all the way from Hawaii. I said it was to visit a friend of mine that lived here. Well I've realized that this place was nice for Senior Citizen's to enjoy and a place to retire/call home. Sequim honestly didn't keep me entertained, well coming from Honolulu & Waikiki I guess it could not even compare ^.^:

    So just as you have mentioned. I wont be going back there as well. ^.^; Maybe just maybe if it was to meet you Angela I may have gone back........ .....

  2. I didn't realize you actually came to Sequim. It is a nice town, but I am more into the city.

  3. From my point of view, it really comes down to what city fits your needs and lifestyle best. I chose Hawaii (Honolulu,Waikiki) due to its laid back, un rushed, warm welcoming ways the city offers. ^.^; also because a vacation is only a few min. drive away. i hope New York is what you are looking for.. it will take about a year of living there to really see if you truly like it or not. ^.^ Have fun. :)