On The Road Day 1: Tri-cities, WA

We started our long drive to college today. I no longer live in Sequim, Washington. We headed southeast, electing to take the Seattle ferry rather than driving around. I was happy to see Seattle one more time before I move away.We were planning to stop in Yakima since we got a fairly late start, but ended up continuing. There were wild fires that caused smoke to settle in on Yakima and we wanted to avoid the bad air. We made it to Richland, Washington where the smoke is not quite as bad. We found a hotel and had a late dinner.
We ran into my sister Molly and sister-in-law Lesta waiting for the ferry and again on it. We had already said our goodbyes at home, but it was nice to be able to see Molly one last time before she heads home. They were driving to the airport for her flight back to Australia.
 I don't have many photos or much to share because most of the drive looked like this:
I'll have more tomorrow, plus I am hoping to start EATS: Eat Across The States then. I'll post about Washington later with some of my favorite food from home and the surrounding areas.
We did pass some mountains today after the ferry, but before the above photo. It was pretty, but a bit difficult in the loaded down truck. I'm sure going over the Rockies will be fun!
Next stop: Boise, Idaho


  1. Omg when was your hair shoulder length? XD Why only now i recognize that.
    OH btw heard from the associated press that hilary is laying out a foreign policy for a possible run for presidency. Wouldnt it be amazing if she ran and became president? So will her husband be like our first man haha.

    I look forward to the great Food reviews. Please don't forget to include: Price, Popularity, Structure and Comparability in your food pics :)

    Share with me something strange, unusual , out of the ordinary if you see something along the way too hun. ^>^;

  2. From the comfort of my recliner with my nearly-healed feet up in the air, I will be keenly awaiting news on the progress of your journey. No pressure!!!!!
    take care, PD

  3. Awesome update for day 1! I look forward to following along and reading about your journey and EATS!