On The Road Day 10: To Atlanta

We left Nashville bright and early. We woke up at six and then took off as quickly as possible to Birmingham. First we grabbed a coffee and a muffin at Frothy Monkey which was a hip spot with some great food. In Birmingham we met with my grandma's cousin Hallita, who is the other remaining Cuban family member. We ate lunch at her assisted living place with her and her son. I wish we could have seen more of Birmingham, but there is never enough time.
We then met with my mom's brother in Atlanta for dinner. They actually live in a suburb of Atlanta. Afterwards we went to find a hotel room and had a heck of a time. We didn't have reservations because at first we weren't sure if we would stay in Atlanta. We went to one spot and couldn't find it. So we decided to avoid any more of that by calling hotels. Our responses went as follows: no vacancy, no vacancy, no answer, no vacancy, phone disconnected, no vacancy. So we took off towards a Holiday Inn. It turned out to have no vacancy, but they directed us to a satellite one a half hour out of the city. We went there. It was not as nice, but it worked.
Next stop: Somewhere in North Carolina

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