On The Road Day 11: To North Carolina

Before leaving Atlanta we stopped at the Carter Presidential Museum. This is my third presidential library. They are a fantastic way to learn history and see it in a more personal way.  It, like the others, was nicely done, but not as crowded. There were only a couple others there at the same time.
We then stopped at the Ebenezer Baptist Church where Martin Luther King preached. We also saw some of the other Martin Luther King memorial places: his birthplace, his grave sight and museum.

We then drove on through North and South Carolina. Below is a small town in South Carolina where we had frozen yogurt. We are staying in a small North Carolina town a little ways from the Virginia border. Unfortunately we are not seeing the beach, but North Carolina is cute. I've always wanted to go here since reading all those Nicholas Sparks books.
Next stop: Washington D.C.

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