On The Road Day 3: SLC

We made it to Salt Lake City yesterday! We arrived around 1:45 and had the afternoon to explore the city.
We walked up to the state house and then over to temple square. It really was beautiful! There were three different weddings going on at the same time while we were there.  

We then walked over to a cafe and had iced coffee (so glad to see that it is available in Utah, haha).
We then took a little walk and ended up at a place for dinner suggested to us by the lady that worked at the coffee shop. The place, Sapa was a cute asian fushion type place with a lot of character. Beautiful lights hung from the ceilings and we were able to watch while they made the sushi. We split a sushi roll without fish. Then I had noodles with peanut curry sauce and my mom had curried vegetables and rice. The price was slightly higher than our past two days, but totally worth it for the atmosphere alone and the food was great too.

View from our hotel
 Then we took an evening stroll

Next stop: Boulder, Colorado


  1. 80 !!! Wow were the tires even hitting the asphalt. Tsk! Tsk! Loved the photo of the highway on Day 2, count 8 vehicles. A real traffic jam out there in the wilderness
    take care, PD

  2. Haha. We actually did have some bad traffic coming into Boulder, but other than that it has been pretty good!