On The Road Day 7: Kansas to Arkansas

We drove from Kansas to Arkansas today via Oklahoma. Oklahoma has been the least pleasant state to drive through so far. I knew it was the most conservative state of the union (not a single district for Obama), but it was worse than even I could have expected. The roads were ill maintained yet they charged tolls to use them. We went through seven dollars worth of tolls on our drive through the state. Anyway, both Kansas and Arkansas have descent roads and rest stops, something that is almost totally absent in Oklahoma. We had a wonderful dinner with my mom's cousin Steve in his town of Conway, about thirty minutes away from Little Rock. Conway is home of the Toad Suck Daze festival. We are staying the night in Little Rock and tomorrow will do some exploring of the Clinton library and the state capitol before leaving.

 Next stop: Nashville, Tennessee


  1. I love this photo of cousins Steve & Ginna !

  2. From mid-Tenn to mid-Ala leg, don't know if you are going through Chattanooga. It has a wonderful art museum Hunter and two 4star attractions- Rock City & Ruby Falls. Don't remember how pricy tho.
    Two moose UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!