On The Road Day 8 (part 2) and Day 9: Nashville

We left Arkansas and headed to Nashville on monday. I have always really wanted to go to Nashville (you know T-Swizzle fan and all...) and this cross country trip turned out to be the perfect opportunity. We met my cousin Elias in the city and then took off exploring.

Part of the trip was visiting with Wattie, one of my grandma's cousins. He is one of the last remaining of our relatives who were born in Cuba.
We went to the country music hall of fame, which I loved. I wished I could have gone when Taylor Swift had a huge exhibit there, but still there was a lot to see. I loved seeing some of her dresses and handwritten songs as well as other things from other artists.

We ate a lot of fantastic meals in Nashville, from Pancake Pantry (a place I have wanted to go for years) to a burger place to this place, Family Wash. It was Pie and Pint night at the Family Wash so we had shepherd pies. There was live music and a great atmosphere. A real winner.

Next stop: Atlanta via Birmingham

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  1. Whoa!! Wait a minute here- any self-respecting shepards pie I've ever had is stock full of meat. What's going on here!! Nashville-what a great place, altho haven't been there in 40+ years. Great photos. Hey could u get me the number of the gal in the blue dress?
    take care PD