Packing and Preparing

I leave on my road trip for New York tomorrow and I am in the midst of packing and preparing both mentally and physically. I have lived in the same house since I was born and now that is all changing. I will never live in the same place again. There are some things I will not miss. Our power went out for a few hours this morning for some unknown reason. That meant we had no water. I won't miss that. I won't miss our pot-hole ridden dirt road or the ash from our wood stove. I might miss always seeing someone I know in town, but we'll see. I often hide anyway. I will miss some of my privacy and my reading spot on the couch. My world is changing in ways that I don't think I have yet fully realized. I am excited, but to be candid, I am also a little nervous. My world is now packed in a 1990 Toyota pickup, well mostly. I haven't totally finished packing, but I'm almost there.
^Our route, courtesy of Roadtrippers.^


  1. Please be safe Angela, May your road trip be filled with fun happy adventures for you. I pray you'll be safe and that your vehicle is reliable.

    I'm sad you'll be finally packing and moving farther away, yet proud you'll be embarking on a whole new independent journey. Please take care hun. and always keep us updated ^>^; well keep me updated at least ^>^; Thank you Angela.

    With gratitude and thanks,
    Ken Soriano

  2. Where's the kitchen sink? However, I do see the everpresent elephant
    take care, PD

  3. I hope the world after Sequim is nice to you and I hope your adaptation to your new environment is POSITIVE!