Week of Crazy

Every summer we have at least one week of crazy: one week where our Netflix recently watched is overtaken with cartoons and little feet patter across our floor. It is a week filled with family get togethers and parties. I always love that week. This past week was that week when my sister and her children visited from California. We came home from Alaska with our house already flooded with toys and high voices. It was a fantastic time and it ended too soon. The kids have grown to be fantastic little people. Brennan is going into seventh grade and Hazel will be in first grade. Brennan has become a fantastic young man and Hazel has become so much more grown up. Hazey is even learning to read! My sister, Molly is also here from Australia for a couple weeks sans children.
^I love my little monkey Hazey. She is the only one I got photos of though, darn! I don't know how I missed all the others.^


  1. It may have been a crazy week, but its amazing how much joy little kids can bring to us ^.^; Like my sister, she too loves being around little children no matter how stubborn, irritating, or tiresome it can get. Just seeing them happy is how they get us ^.^;

    I have one younger sibling about 13 year gap from me. She's 12 now while i'm 25 xD. Anyway raising her since she was just a baby... was a joyful experience i'll never forget.

    Are you pursuing to become an educator someday or maybe a career that involves children? ^.^; I'm glad you like being around the little people as much as i do. Hazel looks adorable , she sure seems like a fun one to be with :)

    With Gratitude and Thanks for always keeping me updated ^.^;

  2. It was fun. My plan is to become a journalist, so no I don't plan to be an educator. I do enjoy seeing my family though.

    1. Ty for replying :) Btw i like that you reverted the text back to Times New Roman. Just increase the size a bit more and you're set ^.^; Its alot easier on the eyes to read and keeps it less congested as well. I've retired from blogging but you can bold areas if you need to emphasize them. :) I dont know if you seen my blog.. but i used to do it for a tourism industry here in hawaii for Japan tourists on VISA. I just keep it for memories now :)

      Just wanted to say thanks for bringing it back to this font :) ^>^;