It has been two weeks since I moved into Barnard: two weeks of craziness and not a single blog post. Move in day was bitter sweet. I am excited for my journey through college, but I am also quite saddened by how much I am leaving behind. 
The best part of NSOP (New Student Orientation Program) was meeting Lauren Graham. Every year Barnard chooses a book written by a Barnard alumnae and sends it to all the new students for free. That alumnae then comes to talk about her book and her Barnard experience. This year we got Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham. I love Gilmore Girls and Parenthood so naturally I was thrilled. Lauren Graham graduated from Barnard in 1988. I am also quoted here on the Barnard website talking about the experience.
 Columbia University welcomed all of us new students with a community night in the gym.
 Then we had a glowstick party on Low Library steps.
 The next night was the full University first year party on the USS Imperial. It was a beautiful location overlooking the city.
I'm trying to explore the city since I live here. I don't want to be one of those people who never leaves the Columbia campus. On labor day I headed over to Brooklyn.

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