Amy Poehler

I took too long to write this post, way too long. The day my mom left, back a month ago in October, I went to a book signing and met Amy Poehler. As she signed my book I blubbered something about how she should speak at my graduation from Barnard. She said commencements were hard, but Barnard is the best. It seems bringing book signing conversations back to Barnard always works, as it at least shows I am smart enough to get into the school. Anyway, I had already bought tickets to see Amy Poehler the next night at 92Y before I knew about the Union Square book signing, so I got to see her again the following night. Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler talked in a hilarious back and forth. Afterward I met them both, for Amy Poehler, again. The book is good: read it. I read it between acts of As You Like It for English and long readings of Marx for my Women's Studies class. I can honestly say I got more out of Yes Please than either of the before mentioned readings. Maybe that is a problem, but whatever.

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