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Before leaving NYC I knew I loved the city, but now I know for certain that it is my true love. Leaving, only for a month, has been more difficult than anticipated. I miss the bustle and energy of the city I now consider home. Although that is challenging, I believe it is a good thing that I love the place I live so much. While I do miss New York, being in Panama has also been quite nice. I got to choose whether to come to Panama or Washington for break and I am infinitely glad I chose Panama. The weather is warm in stark contrast to the snow on the East Coast. I get to eat my mom's cooking which is a friendly break from the dining halls, and I have more time to read for pleasure. I've reunited with old friends and family. We are soon taking a short trip to Columbia.
Gamboa is a colorful community. Above is the school house.
Since we sold our car the buses are our only real way into town. The Coop Saca buses are colorful, ill-maintained, and crowded.
The canal is right down the street from our house.
These little girls are from the village of San Antonio near our place in Panama. We have been friends with their grandmother since we first came to Panama ten years ago. We are hoping in January to make it out to the village. One of the girls I have known since I first came just had a baby boy and we are hoping to have the opportunity to meet him. These two loved our little tiny Christmas tree. Susan, below, made the basket she is holding. She is only five. This spring she will be starting Kindergarten in a nearby town.

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