Cartagena, Columbia

Although our ferry ride was less than ideal, Cartagena itself was stunning. It was like being in an old European city with the architecture and gelato places, but with a Latin American twist. Our hotel, La Passion hotel, was the most gorgeous place that either my Mom or I have every stayed. It is in the center of the walled city, but inside the walls of the hotel it is silent. On the roof of the building, near the swimming pool, they serve a phenomenal breakfast with fresh fruit, eggs, toast with jam, coffee, and freshly made juice. Outside the doors of the hotel tourists, mostly European, bustle around holding gelato pops and candy from the candy factory. Locals dress in head to toe white, so contrasting from the colorful edifices of the buildings (and opposite from the New York uniform of black). Bougainvillea poured onto the streets where horse drawn carriages and yellow cabs stayed slow to avoid trampling pedestrians. The city was magnificent and colorful, everything Casco Antigua in Panama could be, but isn't yet.
 Really tried to figure this one out. Thinking he must have a chair apparatus that connects into the bamboo stick.
On top of our hotel.

 We watched them make candy at Swikar, an amazing candy shop. This little boy was so excited, exclaiming, "un otro color!!!"
 There were 10 horse drawn carriages in a line.

This vacation was beautiful, so close to Panama, but in many ways a different world. I would suggest this to anyone. We were right next door to the Paraiso gelato place, which I would also suggest to anyone. The gelato and the ice-cream pops from the pop shop were both amazing. Until next time, Cartagena!

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