Vacationette: Brooklyn, Smorgasburg, and Staten Island Ferry

At the beginning of the year I made a promise to myself.  I promised myself that I would go out somewhere new in the city every week. I didn't want to become one of those people who lives in New York, but has no more understanding of the place than the subway from home to work. This has been hard to keep up. It has been my goal to go somewhere fun every Saturday, but some Saturdays become busy and I let walking a couple more blocks in Riverside Park suffice. Lately I have had the intense desire to travel, and I believe some of the painful part of that desire comes from me not taking full advantage of where I live. Today I did a real mini trip, or vacationette, as I am calling them. I realize that if New York was a place I was visiting rather than residing I would make the effort to see these things, so why not do it while I live here. Every Saturday I will try to take a vacationette and every week I will try to post about it. Today I went to Smorgasburg in Brooklyn. I had a cookie dough peanut butter strawberry sandwich, a chocolate covered soft pretzel, and a taco. It was all too good. It is open every Saturday and Sunday in the spring and summer so I will definitely be making a return trip. After that I walked around the Williamsburg area, it is quite different than Manhattan and just that little distance did make me feel like I was on vacation. 
The building below is a bank, which is not very exciting. However, it illustrates a point I want to make about going on mini trips. I was walking along the water and I saw it. I considered whether I wanted to check it out and ended up deciding to go. Sometimes living in the city I get in such a rush I lose the desire to see things I would have if I was a tourist. This is something I want to change.
I took a ferry back to the financial district because I saw the dock and thought it would be more fun  than the subway. With the shining sun and the wind in my hair I didn't want to get off the boat when I got back to Manhattan so I took another boat out to Staten Island, then back again. I don't actually remember the last time I saw the Statue of Liberty, which is pathetic, since I live so very close. That is my resolution: take more real vacionettes and actually appreciate the places I have lost that first sight admiration for (Times Square, however, doesn't count. That place is purely horrible).

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